The “Booth”

Versatile, Unique and Fun

North Carolina Photobooth, Weddings, Special Events, Corporate Parties

We did a lot of very exhausting research before deciding on which “booth” to buy. There are literally hundreds of great “booths” on the market and a lot of them do a lot of the same things. Our criteria when looking for a “booth” was that it needed to be versatile, unique and fun. It also needed to be very mobile and equipped with the best hardware and software available. After looking at our options we decided to take a drive down to Atlanta, GA and purchase the Party Pop. It is extremely versatile as it can be used in several different configurations. It is unique as there are only a couple of hundred in the world and best of all it is fun!! Now, you are probably asking yourself why is the word “booth” always in quotations? Simple…it is not a booth in the true sense or definition of the word. Part of the versatility is that the Party Pop can be used in a fully enclosed configuration or in an open configuration. Each has their own advantages. However, the open format (as seen above) is by far the most popular.

We also hand selected the software we use as the nerve center of our “booth”.  Darkroom Photobooth software is the premier maker of photobooth software.  It is super user friendly both behind the scenes and live!  With it we can offer greenscreen technology, videos, multiple layout and picture configurations and much more.  All of this means a unique and custom experience for all of our clients.

We also use an 18 mega pixel, Canon T3i DSLR camera and true LED model lighting to capture all of the photos in crisp, clear and vibrant fashion!  No worrying about your “best side” because with all of this technology every side is your “best side”!

Now, what good is all that technology if you cant get a great printout of it?  We happen to agree, so we utilize a state of the art, professional grade photo printer on site to print out all of those crazy moments that happen throughout the night.  This is not your average printer.  Think about your local 1 hour photo lab.  That’s the type of printer we are talking about.  This is not an inkjet printer like you use at home.  Nor is it a laser printer.  This is a dye sublimation printer that prints on true photo paper.  The strips you and your guests receive are virtually indestructible.  Rest assured that the memories created at your special event will last a lifetime.

Visit our SmugMug page to see some great examples of the memories made at recent events!!